I’m Sorry about Your White Guilt but…


To keep from throwing the over-used “Black card” I just want to speak my piece which is to call our community to peaceThe stench of death and shrills of anger have everyone on edge.The topic is sensitive… for everyone, no doubt. As an open-minded person I understand and empathize with both (or all) sides; so I can understand the concept of “White Guilt”. (Thought the phrase was quite clever actually) but what I don’t get is the amnesia of Black history. The Virginia school board banned the use of a new educational video (attached) depicting the historical struggles that ethnic groups have encountered in America. I read the article, but then I watched the video… and boy it’s powerful! The school systems is where our children, the next generation, learns about history, our history, and if there are things missing then miseducation takes place. And I’m not ok with that. History textbooks cover chapters discussing the history of other civilizations, cultures, religions, wars; so on but Black history is only covered from a limited perspective. Expand it! There are so many more important civil rights heroes aside from MLK or Malcom X. And our story is greater than the tragedy our ancestors endured but many don’t know that because it’s not being taught.

The Unequal Opportunity Race

I empathize with White guilt, because many take it too far, crying wolf. And I also understand not wanting your child or even for you to not feel guilty for what someone else is doing, but hiding or denying the acknowledgement of my history… as a Black person, a person of ethnicity, and minority culture… is dangerous. That piece of history deserves to be covered in as much depth as others. My child, when I have one, deserves to learn where part of her/his roots stem from. Future generations need to know what happened, the gravity of it so none of it’s repeated and no one can say “I wasn’t told otherwise.”

My fire for this is because, of course, I’m a Black woman, but also because I know that part of unity, building relationships with others, and empathizing comes from the recognition of someone else’s morals, culture, personality, past; so on. I believe many of us can all agree that we want our children and the future generations to not repeat the past, and to quote Rodney King, just “get along.” Well that’s not easy to do if you’re not willing to take the time to get to know someone else, all aspects, inside and out. Without it, the division we’ve been experiencing on a rapid scale will continue and I’m definitely not ok with that. This semi-immersion into my culture, a piece of me, builds respect which in turn builds relationships, and thus peace. And hunny, we can all use some peace!

White Guilt by The Washington Post




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