How do you beat anxiety?

How do you beat anxiety?

How do you come up against one of the sneakiest of offenders and sliest of attackers? How do you overcome the tingling shake that permeates through each nerve in your body, overwhelming you from head to toe? How to do you move forward with whatever the heck it is that you were doing? How do you find the courage to live & do so freely?

Tbh. I’m still tryna find out…

But I can tell you all the ways that the Lord has shown me how to fight against it. And I hope they can help you too!


The Art of Gratefulness

I first ran across this concept last year when a friend was encouraged to share devotional, “Jesus Calling” with me (which has been a literal life saver btw). A lot of what many of the daily devotionals cover is how to not look to what’s causing your pain, but instead look towards God who is the author & embodiment of peace & joy. At the place I was in then… I ain’t gonna lie. Sista was pissed reading this book because it didn’t jive with me. But something in me kept telling me to read it. I was to the point where no matter how angry I was & wanted to throw a brick upside God’s head or listen to music (my crack or coping method of choice then) I was drawn to this dang book.

In that season I learned how to not tell God how big my storm was, but instead tell the storm how BIG my God was. Through that intimate time we spent together, reading Jesus Calling, I grew closer to Him & learned more about who He was. And because of this as well as other things, I reached a place where I trusted God. Truly & really trusted Him, on a deeper level. See.. you don’t know how deep your beliefs in something is until it’s put to the test. You don’t know how faithful you are until you resist cheating on your husband or not looking at someone’s test answers even though you think you might fail because you didn’t study like you needed to. And you’re not gonna know how deep/strong your trust/faith is until it’s put to the fire hunny!

One of the daily devos said to just say “Thank you God/Jesus”… in spite of the pain and agony, the flood of tears you’ve cried and how ready you are to quit. Saying those few words takes your mind off of your struggles & puts them elsewhere. And the more you say it then you’re conditioning your mind & your spirit to 1. Look to God in times of trouble 2. To develop strength and perseverance. There’s no magic rule or number set for how often you should do, make it fit according to your situation & your struggle, but do it. Sometimes I’m going through so badly that I’m saying it every few seconds.


He uses our weaknesses as growth opportunities (2 Corinthians 6:9). He takes our weaknesses or demons & replaces those w/ His qualities- strength, loyalty, trust/faith, patience; etc.

And I can tell you from my journey, it ain’t easy but 1. It works (I’m proof) & 2.  It’s worthwhile.


“I’ll trust the Lord with ALL my heart & lean not on my own understanding”- Proverbs 3:5





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