“In My Bones”- Poem

There was a shift in the atmosphere

5 o’clock rush hour met end of the world destruction

Cars layered each other like downed dominoes

Bitterness blew through the air

I could hear the screams grow louder as the impetus of impending anarchy settled in.

Fates were set

The odds were never in our favor

It was too late to leave

Skid marks laced the streets

Glass patterned the ground, reflecting the flames that burned around

My hands.. sweaty from the tears that leaked my eyes, my car jerked.

But these are their stories….


There was a rattling and shaking

I broke composure

Through mine eyes I could see the fire rising higher as we broke the leash

Compete against these streets for the position

Jocking forward with no room for error

They all feast on each other’s fumes

Exhausted from the inner cries of their bellies half empty from the acid tears of destruction that melted the street they were meant to stand on

Smoke screening through life no alarm

Pedal to the medal that they…  cock back in they hands

As they stand up in their sun roof top screaming I’m the man

But empty dreams get lost in the smoke screen

Sucked into the pavement

As they ride big toys down the street.

Dem boys need to eat.

They feastin for adventure



And your naivety is just a snack if you thinkin this is the highway to freedom

Hell on Earth. I feel the heat rising from the asphalt cracking under pressure from the strain of holding up ignorance

Is you hearin it?

Cuz your BMI ain’t Body Mass Index. It’s Be. More. Intelligent.

I’m tellin it.

The truth.

And if you think you gone make it show me proof

Cuz 99 thinking they ain’t got a problem with one


We burned rubber to get to a destination that ain’t even got no exit. Oblivious to our surroundings, cruising on autopilot & think we jettin it

They told us the sky was the limit so we decided to take to the streets instead

Too afraid to shoot for the moon cuz the stars were too bright ahead.

I think too much flying rubber done blind his vision…

Yea, my generation went backwards

So we can’t be surprised when the hands on the clock’s gear shifts reverse

And the cars spin out of…


When I opened my eyes the only thing in sight was the death I nearly escaped.

The smoke screen don’t catch everything





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