Cracked Cup Analogy- Damaged Goods & PROUD of It!

I want to share a message based on a status I wrote this week.

’My fragility doesn’t mean I’m not unbreakable. It just means my cracks make up a different pattern to make a whole.’- Profesz

Before I knew God more intimately I would shrug off or run away from my problems, which is equivalent to me taping a cracked cup from the inside-out. Depending on the type of tape used & the size & damage of the crack will determine how long the fix will last. You using some cheap tape versus scotch or duct tape.

When my relationship with God grew, He started challenging me during those painful times when something may have triggered the memory of when a crack came to be. I knew it was God, because normally as I mentioned earlier, I would shrug it off or simply run from the pain. But He would speak softly & directly encouraging me to face it with Him. Unlike the temporary tape, I discovered He likes to completely uproot the source of the problem instead of letting it linger. I think that’s why often times when people pray for God to solve something He may not answer, because what we’re asking for is really a temporary solution instead of a permanent fix. And He wants to permanently fix us, which is a process & not an overnight wish come true… unfortunately. (*Roll eye emoji)

I ran across this pic on the Gram…


Just because you’re damaged, doesn’t mean you’re unbreakable. Even though there’re cracks in your cup, unless a piece falls, then you’re still whole. You just have a different pattern now!

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