Cracked Cup Analogy- Steps to Wholeness

Last week I talked about how just because we have cracks doesn’t mean we’re still not unbreakable. It just means we have a different pattern that make us whole. We only break when a piece falls off. Most of my life I ran from my problems or shrugged them off. Now I’ve learned how to face them head on; while God gets rid of them from the root!

This week I want to talk about how to get free from pain. This isn’t a magic trick or a one step cure, just some advice to help you in the place you’re in.


How to Do This

Step 1: Relationship with God.  I’ve known God personally since I was a teenager, but we were just mere fracquaintances (friends/acquaintances) until I started college. That’s when He started challenging me. Instead of letting me pretend my problems weren’t there, He straight up forced me to acknowledge them, no matter how much they hurt. It was through this that I not only grew in my relationship with Him (in terms of trust & building a friendship) but He made my problems disappear.. so to speak (*More on that later).

Step 2: Acknowledge your pain.  If you don’t do just that then no one & nothing can help you… not long term anyhow. You can’t get help for something you’re pretending doesn’t exist! We all have wounds of varying sizes & depths. Some problem pains are easier to deal with than others. Some of us have cracks that not only run deep, but you’ll find along the way still have vividly, active trigger points that flare up when ran across. These pains take more effort & time to eradicate. But know that they can be, no matter how long it takes to get it done.

Step 3: Give it to God.  Some are hesitant to address their problems. Some try, but back out when things get too tough. Well in order for us to move into phase 3- i.e. removing the source of the problem- God needs us to give Him our pain. Yea, He’s big & all powerful & could fix this without our help but 1. He doesn’t want to invade our space, so He wants our “legal” permission to allow Him into those dark spaces so He can make moves & 2. Often times He likes using our pains to strengthen & refine us in certain areas. Like pressing intense heat on gold to remove the impurities, God sometimes uses our problems (especially the big baddies) to do just that. Tip– The more impurities or the bigger the problem, then the more painful this process will be. After He has our permission then all we have to do is sit back & let Him move. And how He does that will vary based on, again, the size of the problem/s you’re facing.


For me personally, with a particular issue I was facing I’d gone several months without having any bad dreams or random thoughts about the person who hurt me. But then all of a sudden it came out of the woodworks & the pains began haunting me again. Initially I didn’t know how to do deal with it because I didn’t even know why they had come back; I thought I was past this point. Over the next few months God revealed to me that in order for Him to pull up the root of my problem, then He had to let it (i.e. my problem) come to the surface, making it easier for Him to pull it all out, leaving nothing behind. And in the annoying waiting period, I kept myself encouraged by reciting scripture to counteract the surfacing emotions, I rebuked the pains & said “Lord I give these problems to you”, & then I also remembered the work He was doing beneath the surface & that even though it was getting on my nerves now, it would eventually be over. And it was. Now, it doesn’t bother me when I run across the person who hurt me (even though it can be awkward from time to time).


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