“Getting Back to My Roots”

The full poem is belowNOTE-  First 2 lines are missing from the video. Read below before starting video.


“My daughter asked me, why were we broke.

My laugh disguised the choke of repressed salt water beating upon my throat. I sat her down to speak woman to woman seeing the determination in her brown eyes that bled blue.

Sandy dull lips recounted how we were so dirt poor, grass was a luxury. And my mind just rolled back like the thick curly waves that cushioned her head.

She needed to know my story. The legends of the history not told in books. But the.. crook.. crooked linings of my stretch marks. Marking the moments I fought the world for her & won!

No regrets that my money wasn’t green enough to push over these pushovers pushing keys. Ea.ger.ly to sell me soiled, overused dreams drenched in the unwashed sweat of my parents. Removing warning tags that dreams are meant to be had & not passed.. (*Brief pause).

Along, the way. (*Brief pause) I think they forgot that they had a voice. But it’s hard to hear what your eyes can’t see. Concealing their foundations with so many palettes they throw shade. It’s getting harder to tell hues’ real & hues’ fake.

So.. when my daughter asked me.. why were we broke?

I told her I couldn’t give her the world, bc I was too busy paying off the American dream. Then finally I realized I’d been in debt so long, I forgot about me. And that dreams aren’t meant to be bought. They’re meant to be had.

So I dreamt you wouldn’t be enslaved like the generations passed.

And I had a dream, that you wouldn’t have to cover up your roots with a touch up to suck up or hide the nobility of your mane. Weaving in lies to disguise the power behind your cries.

So, baby girl, while America is dreaming, I need you to dream too.

And never forget. The cost of freedom. Will never be free.”


– Profesz

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