Ways to Hear God’s Voice

For those who don’t yet know (or forgot) how to hear the Lord’s voice… #Jesuscalling 7/25/17
At 16 I was blessed, surpassed many my age, younger, and older with the gift of hearing & (somewhat) clearly understating the Lord’s voice. But throughout the multiple stages Ive faced in recent years that ability has become less reliable, if you will. I thought that maybe it was just me. Maybe I did something wrong to not be able to hear God clearly anymore. Or maybe I wasn’t doing it right, not that I ever even had to try to will it..  Sitting on my bed writing this post today leads me to understand that maybe in the LARGE, unsustaining gaps of silence or lingering, pestering, ungodly, or just mean thoughts that maybe there’s something to learn here. And I think this #Jesuscalling entry is one of em. A step towards Hearing, and Ciphering God out of anything! 

I live in the city hunny, so noise is unavoidable. And as an overthinker I unwillingly & often subconsciously carry around a monsoon of thoughts & invasive emotions no matter where I venture to. I’ve been Blessed to hear God clearly for many years with no effort. But now, it’s time to discover & know God, clearly, in the struggle & the jungle I call life.

And if you’re struggling to hear God too, then I hope this will also be a good first step!

If you’d like a full article on how to hear God’s voice, leave it in the comments.

One thought on “Ways to Hear God’s Voice

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  1. If you want to hear the Real Jesus, listen to…….
    The message of The 11 (“The narrow gate”)
    “The eleven disciples went to Galilee”
    “Where Jesus had told them to go”
    They heard His voice and obeyed His will
    Despite uncertainty down below
    Jesus spoke to them at length
    He wasn’t really a Tweeter
    Only 3 of them wrote Scripture
    Matthew John and Peter
    “Feed my sheep” said Jesus, for though
    “Heaven and earth will pass away”
    I have the words of eternal life and
    “My words will never pass away”
    “Enter through the narrow gate”
    The voice of Jesus through the eleven
    Believe in Jesus “through their message”
    And “eat from the tree of life” in heaven
    Jesus commissioned the eleven
    With “everything I have commanded you”
    “Teaching THEM to obey” Jesus
    And “THEM” means me and you !
    “The command given by our Lord and Savior”
    Is not a Pharisee speaking alone
    It came rather “through your apostles”
    Matthew Peter and John
    If a Pharisee boasts proudly
    Those men added nothing to my message
    He doesn’t speak for Jesus
    His words are nothing more than garbage
    All “quotes” in “quotation marks” are from the writings of the Apostles Matthew John and Peter in the Bible, mostly the “Red Letter” words of Jesus. [Matthew, John, Revelation, 2 Peter – NIV]


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