When God Won’t Speak to You: What Do You Do?

You’ve been praying. Waiting. Crying. Praying. Waiting. Crying. And praying.

And the cycle continues, but you STILL see no progress? What if it’s been 6 mo? 5 yrs? What to do when you’ve grown weak, or numb in expectation?


God doesn’t directly intervene in EVERY part of our lives, so sorry kiddos, you’re gonna have to figure this one out by yourself. And I know that probably seems contrary or sacrilegious to some, but think about it- God doesn’t orchestrate every single activity of ours. He may try to steer you towards eating that salad instead of a big burger, but what you do at the end of the day is up to you. Not Him. He knows what you’ll ultimately do & contours the order of the stars to fall in the “right” way for you, but it doesn’t always work out like that. If He had more of a hands on approach then He’d be accused of controlling our lives (or us being robots), so again… He does Not intervene in Every part of our lives

IF God is being quiet, he’s probably watching to see how you handle your affairs using the upbringing you’ve been given. Picture a teacher giving a test- As a teacher you as a student are taught lessons to better you. But as a proctor, your only responsibility is to oversee & observe if your student’s learned anything. And unfortunate for the student, God can’t speak during the test. He may be able to nudge you somewhat away from the wrong direction, but He can not give you the answers. 

So if God can’t really “help” us in this place (at least not like we want Him to), what the hell do we do?

Again, Figure it out yourself!


I believe God gives us leeway to make sooo many decisions on our own. If He feels the need to intervene, then brotha owns the universe. I think He’ll step in whenever He wants to. But, He lets us work out most things our own way.

In lieu of your pain, search for techniques that’ll aid you in the struggle & also retrain your focus. Because in this space it becomes easier to lose sight of your destination & goals set along the way.

STEP AWAY.  Yes! It is possible to get mad at God. And because of this you may need a breather to gather your thoughts, process your emotions, or stew in ‘em. It doesn’t mean you’re “breaking up”, it just means you need to clear your head. Sometimes He has to do the same. He understands!

FOCUS ON YOU.  What do YOU wanna do? Where do YOU wanna go? Don’t know? Take the time to figure it out by thinking on it or trial + error by trying new things.

REFOCUS GOALS.  When one dream is deferred focus on another (Lynette Lewis). By far I’m not saying give up on your dream, but for now it MAY be best emotionally to take your mind off of it by focusing on other big goals & setting that one to the side.

FIND SOME HELP.  Articles, vids, people (Most important one!). Hopefully you’ll reach a place where things are more good (on most days) than bad. In that case, when things become bad, the struggles you face may be more than what you should bear alone, so seek help somewhere. We weren’t created to walk by ourselves. That’s why God jacked Adam of a rib to make him a friend.

PRAY.  I placed this near last because if you’re reading this than that more than likely means you’ve already been praying a while & are waiting for God to pull those prayers out of layaway to cash them junts out! Well, prayer is more than just asking God for stuff. Prayer is merely another word for “communicate”. Sit in His presence, talk to Him & lay your heart out on the floor, even if it means going off. But in return, sit quietly in His presence to allow Him to speak to you. But keep in mind, when God speaks often times it’s not on an audible level, it’s to your spirit. And the more He speaks to your spirit the stronger it grows, & the better you’re able to comprehend & pick up on His words when He speaks again. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, this is a relationship like you’d have with a friend, fam, or lover, so treat it that way & respect + remember that He also has His own thoughts & feelings & wants to share those with you too. And if you say things a certain way it could rub Him wrong, like it could you.

GRIT & BEAR IT.  There’ll be moments where NONE of the above is gonna do a damn thing & you’ll feel so broken, tired, or depressed that you won’t know what to do. Give yourself permission to rest in your feelings for a bit. And go about your day the best you can wherever you are. When you start to feel a little better (however long that takes), accept how you’re feeling & what’s going on. And agree (with yourself) to let go of whatever feelings/thoughts have weighed on you. And also accept that you plan to keep it pushing in a better direction.

The jist of what I’ve said above, with slight editing to fit your personality & situation, will help you no matter what stage you’re in. I encourage everyone to also find other things that aid you in getting through, but not to cope (there’s a difference). Don’t go buck wild! This AINT the time to forsake your God or your goals & start living like a heathen who’s oblivious to right from wrong. 


REMINDER.  Know that God is still here! As TD Jakes says, in midst of a storm you can’t SEE Him clearly, if at all. So, don’t expect your normal senses to be of any help. And how we rely on our senses on the daily could get us killed out here. But also keep in mind that He’s a Father first, so if you fall into deep trouble then silence breaks & He will be there in some way, shape, or form, just maybe not how you want/expect. I’ve learned that in pressure packed situations like a test, you personally discover what you know vs. don’t.


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