Spring Cleaning in Summer

The “old school” way of conducting business & handling people, as I see it, is soon to become extinct. We (my generation & the next) are making moves & I’m joining the movement! Granddad’s influence isn’t gone, but the cheap, loud cologne he sprayed to fake the funk is.

Cracked Cup Analogy- Steps to Wholeness

Last week I talked about how just because we have cracks doesn’t mean we’re still not unbreakable. It just means we have a different pattern that make us whole. We only break when a piece falls off. Most of my life I ran from my problems or shrugged them off. Now I’ve learned how to... Continue Reading →

Words of a Poet…

In honor of National Poetry Month I feel obligated to speak on the subject. I've always struggled to find my voice. In my childhood it managed to get mangled, battered and then lost amongst a sea of other children's. Since then I've always been the loud shy girl/woman, a walking oxymoron. I love people, I... Continue Reading →

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