The Persecution of John Givez

So, one of my FAVORITE rappers is John Givez! He’s a lyrical beast & su stilo (his style) is authentic. I know that’s an overused word nowadays, but call a spade a spade. He’s an artist who doesn’t have to use a gimmick like being a black Barbie or coming off as pretentious. He puts... Continue Reading →


“Getting Back to My Roots”

The full poem is below. NOTE-  First 2 lines are missing from the video. Read below before starting video.   "My daughter asked me, why were we broke. My laugh disguised the choke of repressed salt water beating upon my throat. I sat her down to speak woman to woman seeing the determination in her brown... Continue Reading →

Words of a Poet…

In honor of National Poetry Month I feel obligated to speak on the subject. I've always struggled to find my voice. In my childhood it managed to get mangled, battered and then lost amongst a sea of other children's. Since then I've always been the loud shy girl/woman, a walking oxymoron. I love people, I... Continue Reading →

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