“Getting Back to My Roots”

The full poem is below. NOTE-  First 2 lines are missing from the video. Read below before starting video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jssEA30YXqk   "My daughter asked me, why were we broke. My laugh disguised the choke of repressed salt water beating upon my throat. I sat her down to speak woman to woman seeing the determination in her brown... Continue Reading →


“In My Bones”- Poem

There was a shift in the atmosphere 5 o’clock rush hour met end of the world destruction Cars layered each other like downed dominoes Bitterness blew through the air I could hear the screams grow louder as the impetus of impending anarchy settled in. Fates were set The odds were never in our favor It... Continue Reading →

Words of a Poet…

In honor of National Poetry Month I feel obligated to speak on the subject. I've always struggled to find my voice. In my childhood it managed to get mangled, battered and then lost amongst a sea of other children's. Since then I've always been the loud shy girl/woman, a walking oxymoron. I love people, I... Continue Reading →

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